Squeaky-clean: Investing in Professional Tile Cleaning Before Selling a Home

Have you decided to sell your home and need to get it spick and span for potential buyers? You’ve booked the realtor and rented a storage locker, you’ve swept and mopped and put out fresh baked cookies, but yet something still seems off. No matter how you scrub, you can’t seem to make those tiles gleam, and potential buyers are noticing.

Potential buyers are quickly turned off by a home that seems dirty, and old tiles and grout can quickly start to show their age when it comes to years of little feet, puppies’ paws, and dirty shoes scuffing across them. 

Professional tile and grout cleaning will allow you to restore your tile and grout to its initial glory. Grout is a porous material and absorbs dirt and stains. Like our teeth, wine and coffee spilled onto grout will leave its mark. Professional tile cleaning equipment uses a combination of water under high-pressure, heat, and vacuuming to extract dirt and debris from deep within the tile surface and pores of your grout. This is a highly effective method that will get your tiles cleaner than you can ever manage by hand or with a mop.

Once your tiles and grout are cleaned, you should consider opting for a clear seal that will protect your tiles and grout. This seal penetrates the grout’s surface and creates a protective barrier against further stains. This means that they will stay shiny and new looking even after many viewings and footsteps.

If you are a carpet cleaning company considering offering tile cleaning, consider investing in tile cleaning equipment that will make quick work of dirty tiles and grout. This will open up an entire new section of the market for you, since many homes are now opting for tile floors for their longevity, durability, and ease of cleaning.

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