How to Find a Supplier for Your Carpet Cleaning Equipment Needs

Having a small carpet cleaning business means that your inventory is carefully chosen to make the most out of what you have. Efficiency and effectiveness are what you're looking for when it comes to professional carpet cleaning equipment.

There’s a variety of carpet cleaning equipment out there, but it’s important to choose pieces that will work best for your business. First, consider what your most common needs are: do you exclusively service residential homes? Are you in the business of cleaning commercial carpeting? This will help you decide exactly what equipment will work best for you.

For example, if you work exclusively in residential homes, you will probably want something small and easy to handle like a portable extractor that will allow you to get up and down stairs and work more efficiently.

To find the best carpet cleaning equipment for your business, also consider what type of cleaning method you want to work with. Do you use steam extraction or carpet shampooing? Encapsulation or bonnet cleaning?

You will also find many different tools for other services your company may provide. While some professional carpet cleaning business only do carpets, there are many other small businesses that diversify their services to offer their work to a wider audience. This means that if you offer things like tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or other services, you’ll want to find equipment and a supplier that will allow you to have the tools you need to perform this type of work.

It’s important to know what you want from your supplier so that you will be able to build the best possible relationship. Having a long term relationship with a supplier is a good way to stay on top of cleaning trends, make sure your equipment is properly serviced, and have access to better deals for supplies and accessories.

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