Going Green: How the Carpet Cleaning Industry Is Changing

Our world is changing and with it, so are consumer expectations. Green, sustainable and efficient cleaning methods and equipment are becoming more common now than ever before. While commercial ventures were often the last to change their tune, commercial carpet cleaning has taken on the "green cleaning" initiative ​in a very big way. 

Green cleaning refers to the use of environmentally friendly products, chemicals, or methods, which are designed to be healthier for humans, animals, and Mother Earth. Many professional or DIY solutions for carpet cleaning are hard on the environment. This is because the chemicals required to lift trod on and baked in stains have to be sufficiently aggressive to list the stain and permit carpet cleaning equipment to suction it up.

This concern leaves a lot of smaller professional carpet cleaning businesses wondering if green carpet cleaning equipment and supplies really measure up? You'll be pleased to know that many professional carpet cleaning equipment suppliers can offer your business efficient and effective green cleaning equipment and supplies that are just as effective as their chemical counterparts.​

Some options for green carpet cleaning include steam or carbonated bubbles, both of which help lift aggressive stains and stuck in dirt. Green cleaning chemicals like Pro's Choice Defender, Procyon Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate, or Green Logic Odor Neutralizer are all options that effectively lift stains and give carpets a long lasting clean. Green Logic Odor Neutralizer, for example, uses a balanced neutral pH formula that combines oxygen bubbles and surfactant bonding to remove odors. The neutral pH ensures that the carpet's dye and fabric quality are not negatively affected.

If your customers are starting to ask you about what chemicals you are using or showing a greater interest in green options, it's in your businesses best interest to consider adding green chemicals or carpet cleaning equipment to your inventory. Offering green options for cleaning will open up a whole new niche for you and allow you to advertise to a different segment of the population that is focused on the health of their homes and of the environment.

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