Sandia Sniper 2300 H Carpet Cleaning Extractor w/ Heat

Sandia Sniper 2300 H Carpet Cleaning Extractor w/ Heat

Part #: 80-2300-H

$2,595.00 $3,718.00

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Sandia Sniper 80-2300 H

Get up to 205” water lift for deeper extraction and quicker drying time with the Sandia Sniper 80-2300 H’s powerful state-of-the-art fan-cooled motors. Internal fans draw cool air in from the outside to prevent heat build-up in these high performance machines.

Cleaning solutions are heated to 200⁰ F using an in-line 2000 watt heater.

This unit’s solution and recovery tanks hold 12 full gallons and are designed for quick and easy filling and dumping. The polyethylene Roto-molded tanks are highly resistant to cracks, chips and dents.

Back-breaking stooping and bending are eliminated due to the machine’s recessed (to prevent damage in transporting or storing) waist high controls.

The 10-inch wheels are non-marking and non-skid to protect against scuffing and to make ascending and descending stairs much easier.


  • Dual Jet Wand and 25’ Hose Set Included!

  • 300 PSI Pump

  • 2-Stage Dual Motor

  • Heated Unit

  • Two 25’ Power Cords

Shipping Weight: 124.0 lb
Part #: 80-2300-H