Sandia Sniper 66-2300 H Optimizer

Sandia Sniper 66-2300 H Optimizer

Part #: 66-2300-H

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The power of a truck mount in a portable extractor!

This amazing deep-cleaning carpet machine boasts dual 6.6” 2-stage vacuum motors that are 42% more efficient, allow for 5” more water lift than a 3-stage 500 PSI extractor, and offer more sealed suction for greater performance. The efficient sealed, thermal-protected motors with their state-of-the-art fan design draw less amperage yet provide 215” water lift for solution recovery to reduce drying time and increase extraction. This fan design draws cool air in from the outside to prevent heat build-up in these high performance machines.

Cleaning solutions are heated to 200⁰ F!

The polyethylene Roto-molded solution and recovery tanks hold 12 full gallons and are designed for quick and easy filling and dumping. They are highly resistant to cracks, chips and dents.

Back-breaking stooping and bending are eliminated due to the machine’s recessed (to prevent damage in transporting or storing) waist high controls.

The 10-inch wheels are non-marking and non-skid to protect against scuffing and to make ascending and descending stairs much easier.

The “Eternity Brush System” (patented) increases brush life by 3 times.


  • 6.6" Dual 2-Stage Motors (25.2 Amp)

  • 300 PSI Pump

  • 12-Gallon Capacity Solution and Recovery Tanks

  • 133 CFM

  • 215” Water Lift

  • (2 ea.) 25’ (12/3 Gauge) Safety Power Cords

  • Heated Unit

Shipping Weight: 129.0 lb
Part #: 66-2300-H