EDIC SuperNova Self-Contained Extractor

EDIC SuperNova Self-Contained Extractor

Part #: 1200PSN

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EDIC SuperNova Self-Contained Extractor – Nothing compares to the Supernova Series! Utilizing these dynamo units can feasibly lead to great reduction in time and labor costs. A host of exclusive features equates to unrivaled performance. Includes a patented two-way system that produces maximum cleaning capacity in any setting. Operate in forward motion in hallways and other open areas; then with a simple pull of a lever change directions to reverse motion and tackle corners and other tight areas. Cleans up to 4,000-square feet in only one hour.

A uniquely designed vacuum head allows for hard floor cleaning as well as carpet cleaning. Walk form carpet surface to hard floors without handling cumbersome attachments. Superior cleaning of all carpet lengths and uneven floors. For maintenance-made-easy and fast internal access, simply open unit up like a clamshell. Designed specifically for optimal balance and reduced turning radius.




  • Two-way system moves in forward and reverse motion
  • Dual-vacuum motors and a 19-inch cleaning width (Model #800 & Model #1200)
  • Patented self-adjusting, self-leveling brush and vacuum shoes
  • Trademark ‘clamshell’ easy-open design ensures quick internal access for instant servicing
  • Fully adjustable handle
  • Patented 4-wheel design 
  • Side extension for cleaning baseboards 

Shipping Weight: 123.0 lb
Part #: 1200PSN