EDIC 17DS3 Dual Speed Floor Machine

EDIC 17DS3 Dual Speed Floor Machine

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Model                           RPM                    Head Diameter 

EDIC 17DS3                180/320                17 inches

EDIC Dual Speed Floor Machines are built to withstand the toughest jobs. Geared up with all you need to conduct a powerful AND quiet cleaning treatment, including long-wearing, steel triple-planetary gearboxes. The one-of-a-kind lockout lever feature provides user-safety and the ability for the operator to run the machine with two hands on the handle. Even though the 17DS3 is powerful, it’s still easy to use. Utilize the lower speed to scrub and strip. For that added power, increase the speed by a simple flip of the switch—and you are ready to polish.


  • Durable complete metal structure

  • Stainless steel brush cover

  • Sturdy chrome-plated steel handle

  • 66-frame motor

  • Complete steel triple-planetary gearbox for silent operation

  • Double-trigger negative-pressure switch for two-hand operation

  • Safety feature: Motor Lockout lever switch allows for motor activation with both hands on grips

  • Cool running highly-efficient 1.5 HP motor

  • Non-Scuffing PVC bumper deters marks on walls and furniture

  • 50-foot power cord

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