EDIC 20HS1500 High Speed Burnisher

EDIC 20HS1500 High Speed Burnisher

Part #: 20HS1500-SS

$1,202.00 $1,335.00

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Achieve a gentle-action, outstanding high-gloss shimmer on all types of hard surface floors with the innovative Saturn High Speed Burnishers.

The reliable and dependable EDIC 20HS1500 is built with strong metal materials. Unit comes equipped with a flex-lock pad driver. This model series also has fold-down and conventional machines available in the product line.

  • 1500 rpm

  • 20-inch pad diameter

  • 1.5 HP motor

  • Multi-V-belt gear box

  • 75-foot power cord

  • Sturdy steel strain-reduction with spring guard

  • Stainless-steel brush cover

  • Anti-Fatigue handle grip

  • Chrome-Plated steel handle

  • Five-inch wheels

  • Non-Scuffing PVC bumper

  • Dual-Trigger secure switch

Shipping Weight: 108.0 lb
Part #: 20HS1500-SS