How to Quickly Dry Clients' Spaces After Carpet Cleaning

After performing carpet cleaning in a business or home, your clients will quickly notice that the heat and moisture needed to clean their carpets is now beading their walls and raising the temperature. The length of time it will take for freshly cleaned carpets to dry varies a lot based on the cleaning method used. Carpet cleaning equipment like the Rotovac uses a powerful extraction method that pushes clean water into the rug while extracting it using heavy suction at the same rate. While one of the best methods for professional carpet cleaning, it does have the downside of a long dry time.

To help carpets dry faster and have your clients in and enjoying their freshly cleaned rugs, make use of air movers. Air movers help dry out a room quickly when you are done cleaning. You can also invest in a carpet and floor dryer, which uses a powerful fan aimed at the floor on rolling castors to dry as it moves!

Second to your carpet cleaning equipment is your employee's skill level(s). Being a professional carpet-cleaning technician requires the same skill and experience expected in most jobs. If your tech is inexperienced and leave the carpet sopping wet, your clients will end up with mold and smell issues, which won't reflect well on your company! 

To avoid this, make sure that each of your new techs go through a rigorous training process with your preferred carpet cleaning equipment so that they understand exactly how to use the machines and why it's important to use them correctly and remove all of the water. You also want to make sure your techs are never rushed, for that reason, implement a reasonable time limit that clients will have to stay away from their businesses or homes to permit the tech to work. If you service commercial businesses, consider offering an evening carpet cleaning so that their carpet has all night to dry.

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