Cleanliness Is Key: Showing Your Clients That a Clean Store Is Important for Customer Experience

When customers walk into ​a storefront, they will judge a company by how their business looks. One immediate way that customers gauge your business is in a store's cleanliness. This can surprise a lot of people, since their business may not have anything to do with cleaning. However, as a company providing industrial or commercial cleaning, you most likely know otherwise.

The simple fact is that a clean and fresh-smelling storefront suggests to customers that they are in a location that is organized, stable, and reputable. Encouraging your clients to create a cleaning routine that gives extra attention to high traffic areas like checkouts, bathrooms and changing rooms will be a good way to introduce them to the idea of regular, professional carpet cleaning.

​This is especially relevant in smaller businesses that use rugs for their acoustic ​or dampening effects, such as clothing stores or restaurants. Over time, these rugs become stained with debris and food, absorb smells, and look dirty. Customers will quickly turn away from the space. This quickly spills over into the products or services being sold.

Clean floors are a literal reflection of a space's overall cleanliness, and appearance ratings can drop by as much as 75% when customers see dirty carpets and upholstery. Commercial carpet will typically need to be cleaned anywhere from every month, to annually. It's best to discuss this in person with your clients so you can better gauge the kind of traffic they're dealing with. Often, every 3 to 6 months is best, with restaurants getting the most cleaning and churches only having it done annually.

To make sure you can keep up with the suggested schedule you give your clients, make sure that your carpet cleaning equipment is in good standing. There's nothing that will throw a wrench into things like having a busy weak lined up only to have your equipment conk out. Just as you give your clients' a schedule, make sure you maintain one of your own when it comes to repairing your carpet cleaning equipment, getting new supplies, and replacing broken parts.

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