US Products Flood King

US Products Flood King


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US Products Flood King

For power and versatility in a portable carpet extractor, test-drive the Flood King from U.S. Products today and see the difference high-quality and innovation can make at your next restoration job. This is a dynamite machine for water-damaged or flood-damaged facilities. Ergonomic and lightweight design makes for ease of operation. And wave goodbye to restricted airflow! The top mounting dual 3-stage vacuums eliminate counterproductive bends in the vacuum hoses. Navigation of narrow spaces and stairs is easy as well, with the standard large wheels. The 3-stage vacuums utilize only 13-amps of power but still pack a mighty force.

In addition, two (2) diaphragm bilge pumps automatically remove the wastewater from the 9-gallon recovery tank through a standard ¾-inch garden hose at 10.5 GPM. Eliminating the need to stop and empty the tank.


  • Mytee 2200 Air Mover 
  • 25' 12 gauge power cord 
  • 13-amps 
  • 9-gallon recovery tank 
  • Dual 3-stage vacuum motors 
  • 100" water-lift 
  • 170 CFM 
  • Compact and Lightweight, only 99 lbs.
  • Electronic Float
  • 2 diaphragm bilge pumps
  • 10.5 GPM discharge rate 

Shipping Weight: 150.0 lb