Upholstery Cleaning Package

Upholstery Cleaning Package



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Whether your clients have kids and/or pets, host parties often or are just at home most of the time, it’s guaranteed their upholstered furniture is getting a workout. Contaminates such as dust, pollen, germs, food crumbs, stains, and blemishes accumulate on upholstered furniture quite easily. But your customers don’t have to suffer with lingering upholstery contaminates. Not with the help of the Upholstery Cleaning Package—your go-to resource for quality upholstery cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning Package Features

  • 2-Quart Hand Sprayer
  • A Variety of High-Quality Upholstery-Cleaning Chemicals
  • Horse Hair Brush
  • Spotting Brush
  • Natural Sponge

Letter A 2-Quart Hand Sprayer #AS05

The Hand Sprayer has proven time and time again to be durable and long lasting. Constructed of durable polyethylene, this sprayer often outlasts most standard sprayers four-to-one. It’s also re-buildable, chemical-resistant throughout, and built for continuous use. Comes standard with a wide mouth for ease of filling and a comfortable grip and thumb trigger.

Letters B-E The Safe and Bright Upholstery and Wool Rug Cleaning Kit #4050

This Kit, outlined below, contains a 1-gallon-container of each product, for a total of 4 one-gallon containers.

Letter B Color Stabilizer (1 gal. liquid #1010)

STEP 1: Pro's Choice liquid Color Stabilizer works to stabilize dyes, prevent textile color-bleeding, and control browning

Letter C ULTRA TLC (1 gal. liquid #3260)

STEP 2: Pro's Choice Soil Break is a strong yet gentle cleaner, ideal for cleaning wool, cotton, silk, and other natural fibers

Letter D Natural Fiber (1 gal. powder #3140)

STEP 3: Pro’s Choice Extraction Rinse and Finish washes away dirt and brightens colors, and is an ideal cleaner for wool, cotton, silk, and other natural fibers.

Letter E OMS: Odorless Mineral Spirits (1 gal. liquid, #3274)

The solvent Pro's Choice OMS breaks up oil in textile cleaning and may also be used as a moisture barrier on upholstery fabrics, during wet-cleaning jobs.

Letter F Hand-Fit Horse Hair Brush (brush #AB09)

The Hand-Fit Horse Hair Brush is constructed with thousands of durable bristles secured in place by stainless steel staples. The block is constructed of solid polypropylene. This handy tool stays firm even when wet, and provides strong agitation-power without the harsh abrasion that commonly occurs when using synthetic brushes.

Letter G Natural Ocean Sponge (sponge #AU30)

The gentle-agitation Natural Ocean Sponge is an excellent tool to have on hand for cleaning delicate fabrics.

    Letter H Spotting Brush (brush #AB10)

The Spotting Brush is made of durable stiff nylon bristles and a must-have tool in any cleaning professional’s spotting kit. When using this brush, we advise the use of tamping techniques rather than hard scrubbing.

Shipping Weight: 45.0 lb