Turbo Force Raptor Quick Connect

Part #: AW-45

$596.30 $596.30

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The TurboForce Raptor Quick Connect is an optimal tool for cleaning severely soiled grout. Two cleaning heads in one! Compatible with any truck mount or high-pressure portable.

Additional Features

  • Edging and grout line cleaning tool 
  • 14-inch wide four-jet head—plus 5-inch single-jet tool
  • Easily switches between the 14-inch and 5-inch options
  • Operating pressure up to 2500psi 
  • Reaches up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Concentrates water pressure through 4-jet head for extreme force 
  • Lightweight stainless steel wand 
  • Ergonomically designed, top mounting gun
  • In-line pressure steel braded hose
  • Extra handle available
  • 12-month warranty for ‘non-wear’ parts 
  • Heads can be purchased separately 

Shipping Weight: 0.0 lb
Part #: AW-45