The Ultimate Upholstery Cleaning Machine , by US Products

Part #: PB111KT

$ 4,378.00 $ 4,609.38

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

A Worthy Investment!

The Ultimate in cleaning power brought to you by US Products! A versatile, multipurpose cleaning machine that gets multiple jobs done with less headache, worry and hassle. Save time and precious energy with the patented Ultimate Cleaning Machine. A smart investment for the professional who cleans multiple fabric and carpet types. This machine not only packs versatile cleaning power, but it is very user-friendly. The Ultimate is quick and easy to empty, easy to access for maintenance, and compact and lightweight. 

This unit gives you the capacity to professionally dry clean natural fabrics, as well as wet-clean synthetics. Wave goodbye to removing drapes or fabric panels. You no longer have to avoid certain furniture or oriental-type carpets.  Now you can clean carpets, upholstery, office furniture, rugs, lampshades, and more—adding more features to your business and more appeal to your clientele! Rooms are ready for occupancy the same day. Won’t shrink or damage materials. Use for both wet and dry cleaning needs.

Remarkable Features Include:

  • Quick flush lines
  • Solid state circuitry
  • Solvent-Sensor (patented)
  • Sensory System Senses within 1-degree Fahrenheit
  • Single cord
  • Instant adjustable heat, to 200-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Automatic Vacuum shut off
  • Lift-out recovery bucket
  • Self-priming pump
  • Stainless steel solution tank, pump cover, and switch plate
  • Complete line of chemicals
  • Video training tapes
  • Exclusive 2-year parts warranty
  • Lifetime warranty (Body of machine)
  • A 10-foot hose set and 4-in-1 tool kit (not included with machine only option)

   *Please note the Ultimate Cleaning Machine was not engineered to remove resins


Construction: Stainless steel and hexane copolymer

Vac.: 1 HP Lamb motor (90 inch water lift)

Vac. Hose: 1-1/4 inch x 10 feet

Exhaust Hose: 1-1/4 inch x 10 feet

Pressure Line: 1/8 inch x 10 feet with all brass disconnects

Heat Exchanger: Stainless steel coil and instant heat transfer

Sensing System: Factory-set solid-state circuitry

Electrical System: 25 ft. 12/3 cord available in 120v/240v 50/60 cycle

Price: $4,378 w/kit or $3,793 (machine only)

Shipping Weight: 46.0 lb
Part #: PB111KT