TCS Brave Truckmount

TCS Brave Truckmount

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The TCS Brave Truckmount is our most compact and affordable cleaning system. It comes packed with all the things you would expect from a larger truckmount - General TX pump with a clutch, high-pressure 3HT heater, DSL self-lubricating blower from Sutorbilt, plus our exclusive 18HP Briggs & Stratton engine complete with an industrial solenoid and starter.

Real truckmount power is now available in a small package. Plus, the BRAVE operates quietly at full throttle without reducing the CFM performance. Simple dependability is what our customers have come to expect from the entire line of TCS equipment. We are proud to offer this new machine - always in stock, and ready to install. It is a fitting addition to our WARRIOR and CHIEF series of truckmounts and will fit in almost any size vehicle.

If you're ready to take the next step up from a portable extractor, or lower your fleet cost, the BRAVE from TCS is the right choice. Clean faster, and clean longer with less fuel, less noise, and even more savings!


Specifications & Accessories
18 HP Briggs & Stratton
Sutorbilt™ 3M DSL vac blower @ 156 CFM
General Emperor solution pump TX 1810S
Little Giant 3 HT heater @ 200+ degrees
100' vacuum hose
100' solution hose

65 gallon recovery tank

9 gallon supply tank
12" 2-jet stainless steel wand
Starting at $9,995. Applicable shipping & taxes not included. DOT approved fuel tap may be required. Prices subject to change without notice.
Need extras for your truckmount?  Receive discounts on items below when combined with the purchase of the BRAVE package.
• Vacuum Hose Reel (250’)
• Solution Reel (S17)
• Supply Reel (S17)
• Stack Bracket
• Live HP Set Up
• Live Supply Set Up
• HP Hose 50’
• HP Hose 100’
• Supply Hose 100’ with Fittings
• 55 Gallon Fresh Water Tank
• Chemical Shelves

Shipping Weight: 750.0 lb
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