Streamliner Auto Detailing Hose Kit



*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Converts any Shop Vac into a Professional Grade Extractor

The StreamLiner auto detailing hose kit allows you to convert any shop vac into a Professional Grade Extractor at a fraction of the cost!

The StreamLiner Hose Kit is equipped with the "state of the art" professional Rotovac ShearDry upholstery tool along with a 10 foot Hide-a-Hose Internal Solution Line which makes the tool much lighter weight and easier to use. (No more bulky exterior solution line with metal quick connect which can cause scratches).  The ShearDry Upholstery Hand Tool cleans deeper and leaves dryer while eliminating messy overspray and dripping.  Great for Auto Detailing, upholstery or carpet cleaning.  Simply hook up the StreamLiner Hose Kit and turn your Shop Vac into a Professional Grade Extractor.


Features the ShearDry Jettless upholstery tool

  • Eliminates overspray and dripping
  • Super lightweight in your hand
  • Vac Slots Close to the Front & Side for Better Edge & Corner Cleaning
  • Thin Side Profile for Better Reach
  • 10' Hide-a-Hose
  • Cleans deeper and leaves dryer
  • 25 foot solution hose included
  • Clear body
Shipping Weight: 2.0 lb