Rotovac Powerwand Carpet Cleaning Machine

Part #: R-VAC-PW


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Most carpet cleaners use the traditional method of scrubbing, an adapted procedure for forty-plus years—the manual scrub wand. However, limitations, such as increased physical exertion and restrictive two-direction cleaning, make manual scrubbing toilsome and time consuming, particularly when tackling large soiled areas. In addition, manual scrubbing often produces mediocre results, at best. The manual wand may work, but it’s old technology and gives you nothing new or different to market to your customers.

On the other hand, The ROTOVAC Powerwand operates with one hand like an upright vacuum cleaner and gives you the power of dual high-torque motors. There is never any need to apply force and scrub hard. The Powerwand provides all the cleaning muscle for you!

The ROTOVAC Powerwand has two-counter rotating seven-inch rotary jet extraction cleaning heads and weighs in at 39lbs. The rotary vacuum heads give the carpet a powerful clean from all directions, with hundreds of cleaning passes, rather than just a few back and forth manual motions. The unit has a 1 ½-inch vacuum wand handle and operates in an up and back motion. Optional cleaning heads are also available.

A powered wand gives you something new, different, and better to market to your customers. Satisfied carpet cleaning professional from across the country report that their referral business has boomed and their backs feel better since the day they put the Powerwand to work! We guarantee you will be impressed.


  • 6 vacuum slots and 6 spray jets rotate at 250 rpm to produce 1500 multidirectional cleaning passes per minute. 
  • Patented Rotary Jet Extraction cleaning heads
  • Highly maneuverable and lightweight (38 lbs.)
  • Cleans in both directions (up & back)
  • Operates with any portable or truck mount system
  • Draws only 5 amps
  • 50 to 500 PSI

Shipping Weight: 39.0 lb
Part #: R-VAC-PW