Rotovac Enduro Portable Extractor

Rotovac Enduro Portable Extractor

Part #: E-2120

$ 1,195.00 $ 1,795.00

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

The Rotovac Enduro Portable Extractor is built to last! Solid construction in the form of a Roto-molded polyethylene body ensures a nearly indestructible extractor unit. This high-performer is available in several configurations. And has a tilt open access to all components providing for simple, do-it-yourself service and maintenance. A powerful extractor professionals have come to rely on.



  • 11-gallon solution tank and 13-gallon recovery tank
  • 12-inch non-marking rear wheels
  • 25-foot, 12-3 electric power cord and built in cord storage
  • 25-foot hose set and dual jet wand
  • Easy-access motor compartment 
  • Light weight at 68 pounds
  • Dimensions: 36" h x 21" w x 28" l


  • Upgrade pump to 170 psi or 500 psi adjustable
  • Dual 3-stage vacuums available 
  • Electric in-line heater available 
  • Auto fill and auto empty

Model Specs Heaters Weight Rotovac Price Retail Price
Enduro 2120 dual 2 stage, 120psi No 68lbs $1,195 $1,795
Enduro 2170 H dual 2 stage, 170psi Yes 84lbs $1,595 $2,295
Enduro 3500 dual 3 stage, 0-500 psi No 86lbs $1,795 $2,595
Enduro 2500 H dual 2 stage, 0-500 psi Yes 88lbs $2,095 $2,995

*Deduct $90 for no wand and deduct $60 for no 25-ft hose set

Shipping Weight: 106.0 lb
Part #: E-2120