Rotovac CFX 15 Portable Extractor

Part #: R-VAC-CFX-15-2

$ 1,795.00

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Today’s extractors are oftentimes heavy and cumbersome and they weigh in at close to 100 pounds, requiring a considerable sized vehicle for transportation. In addition, traditional extractors have to be filled and emptied continuously—a tedious process known as the Bucket Brigade.
In contrast to the heavy bulky extractor units, the new Rotovac CFX 15-Gallon Extractor weighs only 39 pounds, and can be carried in just one hand and easily transported in any standard-sized vehicles.

In addition, The CFX 15 incorporates a continuous flow extraction for nonstop cleaning power. It also has a direct faucet hook up adapter for unlimited clean-water supply. When the wastewater enters the recovery tank, the liquid is automatically pumped out into a toilet or drain. If you want nonstop extraction cleaning without the Bucket Brigade, check out the new Rotovac CFX 15.



  • Non-stop high flow cleaning
  • Auto pump out at 2.6 GPM
  • 15-gallon tank
  • Patent pending air and water separation system; no de-foamer required
  • Dual 2 or 3-stage high-velocity vacuum motors, 200 CFM
  • Saves on time and labor
  • Quick and easy dump valve
  • Only 39 pounds!
  • Fits in any vehicle
  • Includes
  • Faucet adapter kit
  • 50’ and 25 foot’ solution hose
  • 25‘ vacuum hose 
  • 50’ foot pump-out hose
  • Dual jet S bend wand

Shipping Weight: 39.0 lb
Part #: R-VAC-CFX-15-2