Rotovac 360XL Carpet Cleaning Machine

Part #: R-VAC-360XL

$ 2,895.00

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ROTOVAC 360XL Rotary Extraction Power Head

Patent Pending High Performance Power Head
Engineered by Cliff Monson, the inventor of Rotary Jet Extraction, the ROTOVAC 360XL Power Head was designed with high performance carpet cleaning in mind. The Swoop Glide™ vacuum shoes eliminate over-spray while thoroughly cleaning the carpet. Cleans efficiently with minimal effort and leaves carpet drier than a wand.

ROTOVAC 360XL is a patent pending, 15-inch rotary jet extraction cleaning head that utilizes rotary vacuum heads to deep clean carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. The 360XL is extremely easy to use and operate, and weighs in (with cleaning head) at only 68 pounds. Operates in a self-propelled side-to-side (heal & toe). Optional cleaning heads are also available.
Airflow-calibrated and high-pressure plumbed to give unparalleled results. Made to operate with everything from compact carpet cleaning extractors to the more powerful truck mount systems.


  • Large 15" wide cleaning head
  • High torque motor with durable helical reduction gearing
  • Patented Swoop Glide™ vacuum ports
  • Telescoping handle
  • 144 RPM
  • 55 lbs. without cleaning head/68 lbs. with cleaning head
  • Cast aluminum frame
  • 2" clear view tube

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360XL Optional Cleaning Heads


Carpet Brush Head w/Teflon Glide ------------ $595.00

The Carpet Brush Extraction Head with Teflon Glide vacuum ports and 3 spray jets incorporated into a brush head to give the extra agitation needed to restore those super dirty commercial carpets. The Teflon glides allow the carpet brush head to run super smooth on residential and commercial glue down carpet.

PN: 15-CBH-360-XL-T



 Soft Bristle Tile Head ------------ $595.00

The H/S Soft Bristle Brush Head scrubs, rinses and extracts. This is for natural stone and VCT.





  Medium BristleTile Head ------------ $595.00

The medium bristle brush head scrubs, rinses and extracts. This is for most tile and grout floors.

PN: 15-TBH-360-XL



 Hard Bristle Tile Head ------------ $595.00

The stiff hard surface tile head is used to clean rough surfaces like textured concrete walkways and steps, pool decks and granite.




Carpet Brush Head ------------ $595.00

The Carpet Brush Extraction Head has 3 stainless steel Swoop-glide(tm) vacuum ports and 3 spray jets incorporated into a brush head to give the extra agitation needed to restore those super dirty commercial carpets.




Bonnet Block Head ------------ $149.00

The Bonnet Block Head allows the 360XL to use any type of 15" bonnet pad for dry cleaning, encapsulation cleaning, hard floor cleaning or buffing. 




Premium Bonnet Pad ------------ $16.00

Low profile, premium polyester-rayon blend loops for thorough cleaning, absorbency, and durability.  Recommended by floor care professionals for carpet cleaning and buffing resilient floors (vinyl, linoleum, hardwood,etc).  




Diamond Dust Pads ------------ CALL FOR PRICE

Diamond Dust Pads are great for removing light scratches from marble and other natural stone surfaces.

PN: 15-Diamond-400 
PN: 15-Diamond-800 
PN: 15-Diamond-1500 
PN: 15-Diamond-3000



Cleaning & Polishing Pads ------------ $9 Each

These scrubbing pads are used to spray and scrub hard surfaces like tile and grout, smooth concrete, linoleum or any other smooth flooring surface. An assortment of pads are availible from light cleaning to heavy duty stripping.

PN: 15-Thick-Black 
PN: 15-Thick-Red 
PN: 15-Thick-White

Shipping Weight: 70.0 lb
Part #: R-VAC-360XL