ProTeam ProGen 15 HEPA Vacuum

ProTeam ProGen 15 HEPA Vacuum

Part #: AV94


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The ProGen 15 features a high-performance 2-stage motor that creates powerful suction that makes for effective soil removal. That coupled with a host of unique features makes this one of the most advanced vacuums on the market today.


Large rubberized wheels allow for smooth movement, tight turning, and easy threshold clearance. You don’t need to fight this unit and feel like you’re lugging it from place to place; it rolls smoothly along and won't get hung up on uneven surfaces or doorway floor strips.

The Low-profile powerhead allows for easy cleaning under furniture, such as tables, chairs, couches, and beds. The flexible main axle lets the ProGen lay almost completely flush with the floor, so you can slide it completely underneath a bed or low table. Plus,ultra-bright LEDs on the powerheadilluminate the cleaning path, so you can easily see in poorly lit spaces.

  • 15-inch cleaning path
  • CRI seal of approval
  • 9.8-amp motor; 69 dBA
  • 3.25-quart dust capacity; four-level filtration plus HEPA
  • Onboard tools; 50-foot power cord

Shipping Weight: 17.0 lb
Part #: AV94