Pro's Choice Air Fresh

Part #: 2000

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A commercial-strength water-based deodorizer, Pro’s Choice Air Fresh leaves the ideal amount of fragrance after cleaning or between cleanings. Potent enough to be effective on mildew, dog dander, water-damage and much more, but subtle enough to not overpower environmental areas. Pro’s Choice Air Fresh comes in Lemon, Cherry, Fresh & Clean and the new Crisp Apple and Tangerine.


For shampooing or steam cleaning: mix 1 ounce to each gallon of cleaning solution. For use without cleaning: mix 1-part Pro's Choice Air Fresh to 3-parts water, and spray carpet with trigger sprayer. For deodorizing room: mix 1-part Air Fresh with 10-parts water, and mist room with trigger sprayer.

Shipping Weight: 8.5 lb
Part #: 2000