Pro’s Choice Ultra TLC Pre-Spray

Pro’s Choice Ultra TLC Pre-Spray

Part #: 3260

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Pro’s Choice Ultra TLC Pre-Spray is the answer to an optimal cleaner with a low-pH. Hyper-concentrated, Ultra TLC attacks embedded soil with the ferocity of a high-pH cleaner, yet it is safe on all wet-cleanable fiber types.


Standard - Shake well before use each time. Dilute Ultra TLC solution and spray on heavily soiled areas. Prior to hot-water extraction, gently agitate to emulsify and suspend soil.

Upholstery - Check small inconspicuous area of material for dye stability. Apply Ultra TLC with a trigger sprayer to soiled area.  Gently agitate the entire area with a soft brush.

Rugs and Carpets - Apply Ultra TLC evenly with a pump sprayer. Agitate soiled areas thoroughly with a soft brush.

Following your application of Ultra TLC Pre-Spray proceed to Natural Fiber Cleaner Step Three.


Normal to Light Soil - Dilute 100 parts water to 1 part solution (100:1). All Injection Sprayer dilution ratios assume sprayers are set at 8 to 1.

Shipping Weight: 10.0 lb
Part #: 3260