Pacific SilverRay 205

Pacific SilverRay 205


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Hard working enough to tackle even the toughest of floor jobs for many years to come. This durable and long-lasting line of low speed polishers are easily amongst the top built, most reliable polishers you’ll find in the professional cleaning industry. Made in the USA, with quality components, every Pacific Polisher features a high-torque motor, a precision-cast base, and easy-to-use features. Our Tote-A-Cap is designed to allow for easy transportation of the brush atop the motor. And you can easily convert your polisher to a scrubber (in less than three minutes) just by adding our easy-to-install solution tanks. Pad drivers sold separately.

  • 13-inch brush and pad diameter

  • 2,000-2,500 square foot per hour

  • 175 rpm

  • 1/3 HP motor

  • Gear reduction, gearbox

  • Three-inch wheel diameter

  • Five-inch wheel diameter

  • 50' cable length, 14-3 cable size

  • Safety lock feature

  • Dual-Switch lever

  • Polished aluminum base

Shipping Weight: 73.0 lb