Ninja Portable Extractor

Ninja Portable Extractor

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Ninja Master

Model PSI Vacuum Heat Retail Prosupply Price
1.007-072.0 150 Dual 2-Stage   $2191  
1.007-073.0 200 Dual 2-Stage   $2699 Call
1.007-074.0 200 Dual 2-Stage
$3106 For
1.007-075.0 200 Dual 3-Stage   $3044 Rotovac
1.007-076.0 500 Dual 2-Stage   $3213 Pricing
1.007-077.0 500 Dual 2-Stage
*All extractors include hose set and wand

Easy Control Access

All connections are located on the upper middle panel for quick access and use.

Easy Loading and Unloading

Build in handle & upper-rear casters help with unloading and loading the extractor.

Onboard Carrying System

The included carrying system creates storage for your wand, extension cord storage area, five gallon bucket, a hose and up to a quart of prespray.

Greater Solution Recovery Rate

The Ninja Portable Extractor uses a parallel vacuum motor system which gives a much higher solution recover rate than motor systems that are built in series. Parallel motors gives you more power.

Hinged Design for Easier Maintenance

Maintaining the Ninja Portable extractor has never been easier - with a special hinged design that gives you immediate access to all the parts and components. 

Larger Gallon Capacity
Capacity is improved to 17 gallons, with a 13 gallon recovery tank, allowing you to work even longer without any downtime at all!

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Solution Tank: 17 gallons
Recovery Tank: 13 Gallons
Housing: Roto-mold Polyethlene (10 yr. warranty)
Supply Cord: 25 Feet
Dimensions: 32-1/2” x 22“ x 43-1/4”

Shipping Weight: 0.0 lb
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