Masterblend Masterforce

Masterblend Masterforce

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Comes in three attractive powers with many options:

  • Model 152 has two 2-stage vacuums (one cord),
  • Model 153 has two 3-stage vacuums (two cords), and
  • Model 152H heater option (two cords).
  • Model 503 has two 3-stage vacs. Optional automatic pump-out (can handle flood situations with 20 gallon per minute capabilities) and automatic water fill and chemical feed system. The 500 PSI pump is a true 1.5 gallon per minute pump (like a truck mount).
  • Model 1203 comes with one 2-stage and one 3-stage vacuums. The auto pump-out and automatic water fill and chemical feed system are standard. The MasterForce has the ability to do everything from upholstery to carpet to stone, tile and grout.


  • 13 gallon solution tank and 11 gallon waste tank
  • 12" rear foam wheels
  • 25-foot industrial-grade electrical cord
  • Dimensions: 31"L x 23.5W x 43"H
Shipping Weight: 0.0 lb
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