HydrOxi Pro Grout Smart

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Impress your customers by removing soap and residue build-up left by your competition. Ingredients in Grout Smart that include hydrogen peroxide, natural orange oil and surfactant technology will safely and efficiently remove dirt and refurbish hard surfaces.

Use In:

Extraction machines, pressure sprayers, steamers and auto-scrubbers

Clean, refurbish, and maintain floors (Including marble, stone, grout and crevices around tile)

Use On:

Shower rooms, walls, toilet bowls, windows, mirrors, tile and grout, brick, floors, desks, stainless steel, etc.


32 ounces

1 gallon



Natural orange oils in Grout Smart dissolve grime, grease and dirt; the hydrogen peroxide attacks and eliminates organic odors. It is a multipurpose product useful as a degreaser, cleaner, and a general spray or wiping solution for kitchens, bathrooms, stainless steel, desk tops and so on.


Powerful hydrogen peroxide reduces contaminants. This product will return the original color and brightness to marble, stone, brick, and tile and grout.


Maintain refurbished hard surfaces with Grout Smart by diluting to a lighter solution for every day cleaning. Save time and money with a continuing maintenance schedule that will maximize product effectiveness.

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