HydroForce SX-15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool

HydroForce SX-15 Hard Surface Cleaning Tool

Part #: AW105

$975.56 $1,026.91

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The Hydroforce SX-15 speeds up any hard surface cleaning job with one of the cleaning industry's most advanced hard surface cleaning tools. 

  • The Greatest and Newest technology for powerful cleaning of tile and grout!
  • A wide 15-inch cleaning path allows for 25% faster clean-up time when compared to traditional 12-inch models
  • Built for quick and easy maintenance, no special tools required
  • Convenient toe-lever for fast vacuum suction power adjustments
  • User-Friendly inline filter access for faster maintenance 


  • High-end components handle working pressures from 700 PSI to 2,600 PSI 
  • A quality stainless steel handle 
  • Sturdy outer-casing 


  • Lightweight construction for smooth and easy transportation
  • Comfortable size wand length adapts to different user-heights 


Shipping Weight: 16.0 lb
Part #: AW105