Hydro-Force Vapor Cleaning Machine

Hydro-Force Vapor Cleaning Machine

Part #: MB07


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The Hydro-Force Vapor Cleaning Machine is a commercial steamer that works with live steam to cut through grease, mold, mildew and numerous other substances. Ideal for clients who desire a chemical-free clean and beneficial for carpet cleaning professionals who want a mess-free clean! An excellent choice for commercial kitchens and supermarkets, or even for a residential job that requires a chemical-free environment. The HydroForce Vapor Cleaning Machine is made of a durable stainless steel body. User-friendly attachments add ease to work. Has the remarkable capacity to clean for two hours on one three-quart tank of water. Saves time!


Working pressure up to 40-PSI

Heats the water to 250-degrees Fahrenheit

7-foot hose

15-foot electric cord

120 volts, 1300 watts

3-liter capacity tank

Shipping Weight: 75.0 lb
Part #: MB07