Go Clean Citrus Slam

Part #: 2522GL

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Go Clean Citrus Slam contains technologically advanced surfactants, builders and degreasers. This heavy-duty pre-spray works on water- and oil-based spots and is equally effective on food and protein based soils. Ingredients include natural citrus solvents for added strength against treatment of challenging areas on carpet. Ideal for both residential and commercial use. Contains D-limonene and RTU pH 11.

Instructions - Dilute 1-part Go Clean Citrus Slam with 32-parts warm water (1:32) or 4 ounces per gallon of warm water. Spray on soiled areas and allow to set 5 to 10 minutes before extraction. For injection sprayers, add 48 ounces of Citrus Slam into 5-qt spray bottle and fill with water.


Shipping Weight: 8.5 lb
Part #: 2522GL