EDIC 20HS2000

EDIC 20HS2000

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This tool is constructed with strong metal materials which includes a stainless-steel brush cover, that make this machine not only durable but also highly reliable. Each unit is equipped with flex-lock pad driver, also available in fold down and conventional models.

This model includes:

  • Multi-V belt drive minimizes force on bearings as well as expands motor life.
  • Comfortable operation reducing fatigue on the operator.
  • Special lockout unit avoids unintentional start-ups and also enables machine being activated while both hands are on the grips.
  • All metal chassis as well as stainless-steel cover guarantee longlife and also stability.
  • Cool running 1.5 HP extremely efficient motor.
  • Rear moving wheels for convenient turning as well as improved mobility.
  • Quick motor accessibility for easy maintenance.
  • 75' Power Cord




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