EDIC 17HS2000F High Speed Burnisher

EDIC 17HS2000F High Speed Burnisher

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Model                     RPM Head    Diameter 

EDIC 17HS2000F       2000           17 inches 

The reliable and dependable EDIC 17HS2000F is built with strong metal materials in a compact design. Unit comes equipped with a flex-lock pad driver and a fold down handle. Great unit for increased mobility and convenient storage. Eases maneuvering on the job site, particularly in those tight areas. Includes a stainless-steel brush cover.

EDIC 17HS2000F

  • 17-inch fold-down model for convenient storage and maneuverability

  • Multi-V-belt-drive reduces force on bearings and extends machine’s motor life

  • Designed for decreased user-fatigue and operator comfort

  • Safety feature: Motor Lockout lever switch allows for motor activation with both hands on grips

  • Complete metal chassis, stainless-steel cover

  • Cool-Running, very efficient 1.5 HP motor

  • Rear wheels increase mobility and machine leverage

  • Easy motor accessibility

  • 75 foot Power Cord

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