EDIC 13LS1 Low Speed Floor Machine

EDIC 13LS1 Low Speed Floor Machine

Part #: EDIC-13LS1


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The EDIC 13LS1, like other low-speed floor machines, is made durable to withstand the strain of hard floor scrubbing and stripping. Has all the design features the professional is seeking, including user-friendly handle settings and a main structure built to reduce user-fatigue. Also comes equipped with a one-of-a-kind lockout lever that provides secure two-handed start up. A reliable machine. Can also be used for carpet shampooing and bonnet cleaning. Available in six models to handle a wide variety of jobs.

  • 175 rpm

  • 13-inch pad diameter

  • 0.5/1 HP motor

  • Dual-Planetary gear box

  • 50-foot power cord

  • Sturdy steel strain-reduction with spring guard

  • Stainless-steel brush cover

  • Anti-Fatigue handle grip

  • Chrome-Plated steel handle

  • Five-inch wheels

  • Non-Scuffing PVC bumper

  • Dual-Trigger secure switch

Shipping Weight: 91.0 lb
Part #: EDIC-13LS1