6" Wide Open Spray Stair Tool

6" Wide Open Spray Stair Tool

Part #: S1510

$183.00 $192.60

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A perfect leverage tool for cleaning stairs, getting upholstery work done fast and for tackling those extra soiled areas. If you are looking for a carpet cleaning stair tool for sale that will work for tough commercial jobs as well as residential this is the carpet cleaning stair wand for you. If you have questions about this stair wand tool don't hesitate to call.


  • Complete stainless steel construction, including nuts and bolts
  • Extra-long handle with assist handle
  • A variety of different valves available
  • High-pressure 2-feet whip
  • Restores heavily soiled carpet
  • An easy-to-remove stainless steel spray jet


Shipping Weight: 6.0 lb
Part #: S1510