TurboForce TH40 Parts

•Designed for cleaning ceramic tile and grout with your truckmount or high pressure portable Brush attachment allows for use on other flooring Cleaning capacity 400 to 1000 square feet per hour depending on build up and texture of surface. Lightweight but solid, resistant to impact, no wheels to restrict travel in all directions. Stainless steel handle with fiber reinforced shell. Extra long life boot with NEW brush attachment. • Operating pressure range 650 to 2500 psi. • Water temp. up to 230° • Comfort grip non-slip handle • Patented automatic vacuum compensator leaves the floor drier.

Standard Features

    • Works on uneven stone, tile surfaces, or smooth concrete
    • Light-weight
    • Low profile; gets under counters
    • Non-Fatiguing: glides easily over the floor
    • Extra long life hard boot ring and nylon brush ring are standard equipment
    • Easy access inline filter
    • Unique airflow system allows use on portables or truckmounts - both with excellent solution recovery

    Mytee portable carpet cleaning machine

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    Part List

    C-P-M Turbo Swivel Q/D Plug $3.95
    C-S Combo Quick Connect Socket $6.00
    HT-C Hyper Casters (Set of 4) $23.50
    JET-0502 Stainless Steel Spray Jets $11.90
    NA-010 Male Screw Disconnect $7.99
    NA-0802 Strainer Filter Body $4.20
    NA-0803 Strainer Filter Screen $6.90
    NA-0804 Strainer Filter Adapter $4.60
    SS-072 1/4" Male Nipple $2.95
    T-11 Turbo Gun Valve $48.20
    T-2 90 Degree Adapter $3.92
    T-5 Turbo Spraybar $95.00
    T-8 Top Port Ceramic Seal Swivel $160.00
    TBN-3 Gun Mounting Bolt Set $0.98
    TH-12CA 12" Concrete Attachment $149.95
    TH-100 Stainless Steel Handle $294.19
    TH-140 24" Steel Coil Vacuum Hose $18.50
    TH-250 Turbo Outer Shell $80.25
    TH-255 Turbo Inner Shell $80.25
    TH-260 Turbo Hybrid Hard Boot Ring $40.00
    TH-270B Turbo Hybrid Brush Ring $50.00
    TH-48HPMF Turbo Braided Hose For Q/D Design $29.95
    TH-G1 Turbo Rubber Grip Handle $10.90
    TH-PIN Cotter Pin $5.00
    TH-V10 Turbo Vacuum Relief Slider $6.94
    THQS1 Turbo Quick Connect Gun $47.15