Pro’s Choice Anti Re Soiling (ARA)

Pro’s Choice Anti Re Soiling (ARA)

Part #: 3000-ARA

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Pro’s Choice Anti Re Soiling (ARA) is a convenient and effective protective agent designed to deter rapid re-soiling of carpet fibers. Troublesome re-soiling is commonly caused by a sticky substance or dirt that wicks up after carpet cleaning. ARA is formulated to act as a drying agent that transforms sticky carpet substances to dust particles; particles that no longer attract dirt and that are easily vacuumed away!


1. Clean the carpet utilizing a cleaning technique that leaves the carpet as dry as possible.
2. Immediately following cleaning, spray an even coat of ARA onto the carpet in areas where rapid re-soiling is a problem. The quantity applied should be approximately 1 oz. ARA per 3 square feet of carpet (1:3).
3. After the carpet is entirely dry, thoroughly extract using an upright rotating- brush-type vacuum.

As with most cleaning products, prior to use, test ARA in an inconspicuous area for color-fastness and suitability.


Shipping Weight: 8.5 lb
Part #: 3000-ARA
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