Carpet Cleaning: Why Updating Your Equipment Is Beneficial

If your equipment has been with you awhile, you may have gotten used to its idiosyncrasies and little ticks. Maybe it doesn’t heat up the way it once did, or it doesn’t suction up water at quite the same pace; but it still works, right?

If this is equipment for personal use, it’s fine if you don’t want to pay to upgrade it if its issues do not bother you. However, when this is business equipment, it’s another ballgame altogether.

When you have a professional carpet cleaning business, your equipment should be regularly updated. Equipment upgrades can be big-ticket expenses, however, upgraded equipment can help prevent issues with insurance. For example, if you were cleaning the carpet in someone’s home and your extractor suddenly failed with the rug soaking wet or the jets malfunctioned and damaged the carpet, your insurance may deny the claim if they can find that you knew the equipment had been malfunctioning.

Upgraded carpet cleaning equipment can also prevent costly repairs that may end up costing you more than new equipment. It will also prevent costly downtime that may be caused by the unexpected failure of carpet cleaning equipment you were relying on to complete booked appointments.

The easiest approach to buying new carpet cleaning equipment is to calculate the operating costs of your existing equipment over the next five years. If you take into account repairs, downtime, and insurance and compare it to the cost of brand new equipment, you will quickly get your answer as to which is the smartest and most economical option. In many cases, as equipment ages its operational costs increase to the point that maintaining the equipment is no longer feasible. If it costs more to run the old equipment than it would to buy the new one, then it makes more sense to simply buy the new equipment.

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